How To Determine Which Filter to Buy for Your Furnace

Many people are not paying attention to the furnace system they have at home. As long as it keeps them warm during the winter season and cool during summer season, this would surely be enough. But, to keep the furnace system from working at its optimal performance and preventing unexpected malfunctions, you need to purchase the best filter for the model of the furnace that you have. This may sound simple but there are many furnace filter options for you to choose from.

How Furnace Filters Are Rated?

We all know that you should maintain your furnace annually. In order to determine which filter to buy for your furnace system model, you need to take a closer look at the minimum efficiency reporting value. This is also known as the MERV ratings. Most of the MERV ratings of filters range from 1 to 16. The higher the MERV rating of the filter, the higher is the quantity of the particles that the filter can remove.

Higher rated filters allow less amount of air to flow. This will eventually force your furnace to malfunction and work harder. MERV rating in between eight and eleven is best for homes. For you to be sure with the MERV rating of your filter, you need to determine the maximum MERV rating of your furnace model.

Filter Types

To determine the best filter to buy for your furnace model at home, you need to consider the different types of filters sold by different manufacturers. One of the most common types of furnace filter is a disposable pleated kind.  This kind of filter comes in its standard ratings and sizes. Lennox and Goodman are common brands

Pleated filters are primarily constructed out of a polyester material and papers. They also perform their good job in filtering household allergens and particles.  This kind of filter should be checked on for blockages. It should also be replaced after ninety days.

Disposable fiberglass kinds of filters are among the cheapest kinds of filters to find on the marketplace. They have spider web appearance and often appear in their bluish colour. They usually come in standard sizes. But, they are flimsy and they usually have lower MERV ratings as compared to other filters.  Due to the inferior quality of this filter, it should be replaced and checked on a frequent basis as compared to other filters.

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Washable filters are commonly constructed with the use of a plastic frame or solid aluminium. These can be cleaned off completely with the use of water and can also be vacuumed off. They come in different ratings and sizes. They may usually last for five years as long as they are properly maintained and cleaned for every ninety days. You can buy Lennox furnace filters online at PureFilters Canada for a great price.

When you know more about the different types of filters, you’ll be able to determine which kind of filter is best for you. Thus, you can buy the right one that suits to the model of furnace you have at home. If you take a closer look at each type and differentiate its features and MERV ratings, you’ll be sure to find the best filter perfect for your furnace!