7 Super Easy Mindset Tips For Weight Loss Motivation

7 powerful mindset tips for weight loss

Today I want to share 7 really powerful mindset tips for weight loss.  Mindset is key when it comes to successful weight loss.

If you don’t have a positive mindset about your body, weight loss, eating… then you’ll always feel like it’s a battle and the chances are you’ll be losing.

So, today I want to share my favorite mindset tips for weight loss with you.  Keep working on improving your mindset more and more and you’ll start to find the journey easier.

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Affirmations are simply positive (usually present tense) statements.  Fill your mind with these positive statements to help keep your thoughts positive and reprogram your beliefs.   They also help you to feel positive.

  1. I now choose healthy food options that support me on my weight loss journey
  2. Every day I get closer to my naturally slim and healthy self
  3. I choose to move my body and get active

More Weight Loss Affirmations

Use positive affirmations throughout the day so that you keep your thoughts and mind positive.

You can also get your FREE Affirmations For Weight Loss Mini Guide. This guide will help you to make the most of affirmations so that they are really effective for you during your weight loss journey.


Imagine yourself at your ideal weight.  Run a little mind movie in your head.  How do you look?  How do you feel? What has changed in your life now you’re at your ideal weight?

Enjoy visualizations often to help you stay super positive.  Also, your subconscious mind will actually think this is real and help you to get there.

There are some fantastic visualizations for weight loss that are available free online, just go a search on YouTube.

Here is a guided visualization that I created – Melt away your excess weight.


When we’re trying to lose weight we often focus on the negatives, such as “I can’t eat…” or “I have to go to the gym and I hate going to the gym.”

Instead, focus on what you’ll gain by losing weight.  You’ll feel better, improve your health, you’ll look the way you want…

Food wise, focus on the delicious, healthy foods you can eat.  Yes, you may need to really cut back on some of your favourites but get creative in the kitchen and create some new and healthy favourites.

Check out the Add a healthy meal recipe post (there’s a fabulous Pinterest board to go with this post with some wonderful healthy meal ideas.


Focus on making small and consistent changes rather than great big changes that you’re unlikely to stick to for any length of time.

A few small changes you could start with…

  • Drink a glass of water when you get up
  • Take a daily walk even if it’s just for 5 minutes
  • Swap chips for salad or make your portion of chips smaller and add some salad
  • Swap a fizzy drink a day with water (more if you can)
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift
  • Park a little further away when you go shopping to  get some extra steps in

Build healthy habits into your daily life that you can stick with.  Something as small as walking around whilst you’re on the phone or whilst the kettle boils make a difference.


I love journals and I recommend them to all of my coaching clients.  The only rule with your journal is it all has to be positive.

  • Record weight loss successes
  • Make a note of positive comments you receive
  • Write about positive changes you’ve made
  • Note down any changes you notice in your body physically and the way you feel

Having this journal to look back at on the days where you don’t feel positive or motivated will really help you stay on track.


EFT is a powerful technique where we tap on meridian points to improve the energy in your body.  It’s super easy to learn and use yourself.

You can take a look at my EFT for weight loss videos and check out my EFT Scripts here on the blog.

My biggest tip for using EFT is to do it regularly for weight loss.  The more you can improve your energy, feelings, and beliefs the better.

EFT helps to clear limiting beliefs, clear emotional attachments to food and our eating habits, improve the way we feel about ourselves and so much more.

If you like EFT, check out the EFT for Weight Loss Scripts download where you will really work on clearing deep-rooted blocks that keep you overweight.


Try hypnosis downloads for weight loss.  I’m a big fan of hypnosis downloads and I’ve been using them in my own life for several years.  They really do help change behaviours/beliefs and the way we think and feel.  They’re also incredibly relaxing which is always a big bonus.

Whilst I love EFT (Mentioned earlier), sometimes by the end of the day, I simply can’t be bothered.  With the hypnosis downloads, all I have to do is lay back and listen.  They’re super relaxing and every single time you use them, you’re putting a new program into your subconscious mind.

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